At the start of 2015, I was unsure of how I was going to travel towards the end of this year. When I stepped into RL Tuition and read through the booklets (Methods and Specialist) that was made by Ricky, I liked it straight away. I walked into the class and sat down, and carefully listening to Ricky teach. Throughout the year, I continuously read over Ricky’s notes and use it to help me with my homework. Especially, every Monday the homework that was sent by Ricky allows me to concentrate and focus and to engage me into more study. At the end of the year, when Ricky hand out the practise exams that was made by him, it had a lot of challenging and tricky questions. Then, when I was actually doing the actual VCAA exam, there were some questions that was very similar in style. As I walked out of the exam room, I had a smile on my face. This all need to thanks Ricky Liu; it was all his teaching and his booklet that boosted me up to increase my score as well as my ATAR result.
Huashan Chen (Lucy), Emmanuel College


Just wanted to know how grateful i am to have you as my tutor over the past two years. I may not have scored that well for methods, but you helped me to learn to enjoy the subject – a far more important achievement with your role as a teacher. (i got 97.85)
Peter Nguyen, Suzanne Cory High School


Ricky’s tutor program contributed greatly to my year 12 studies. He was able to confidently teach me Maths Methods and Specialist Maths. Ricky taught the content in great detail and gave lots of handy tips to help me understand each topic. He also wrote useful notes and examples which were a great preparation for the end of year exams. Whenever I had problems or didn’t understand anything he was always there to clarify it. Overall Ricky was an excellent tutor.
Kerry Leung, Uni High.


It was an immense advantage for me to have Ricky as a tutor in VCE. Ricky has helped me to achieve a high score of 48 in both Specialist Maths and Maths Methods regardless of the fact that I nearly failed GMA in year 11.Ricky has assisted me from the basic concepts to the technique of tackling exam-type question. Ricky is well-prepared with many different teaching materials including his own notes and a series of exam style question that he wrote. Those resources were extremely helpful to me in my studies.
Raymond Mak, Doncaster Secondary College


The friendly environment at RL Tuition, effectively allows students to feel comfortable and able to ask questions with ease. The relatively small class sizes allow for the pace of the class to be tailored more the students’ needs; thus being a more helpful and sufficient means of learning. R.L Tuition combine the ability to ask questions from the teacher, to specifically target the students’ own weaknesses, with an efficient and effective teacher style – which optimizes each students learning. Ricky has provided me with the skills and confidence to achieve my Math Method goals.
Vivian Duong, Melbourne Girls’ College


R.L Tuition is located in a convenient location, and is very easy to get to. Furthermore, it has a better atmosphere with a variety of people and characters than other tuitions. R.L Tuition has motivated and improved my studying habits. It has made me more interested in learning mathematics and Chemistry.
Benny Ou, Company Inc.


R.L Tuition has a very good working atmosphere, not only are the students friendly, the teachers are willing to help with various unique methods of building solid understanding. I’m glad that I chose R.L Tuition, even though I Had joined at a very late stage, with the help of Ricky I’m able to gain a solid understanding that gives me more confidence to do well in the exams
Carina Teoh, St. Aloysius College


R.L Tuition has a very good working atmosphere, not only are the students friendly, the teachers are willing to help with various unique methods of building solid understanding. I’m glad that I chose R.L Tuition, even though I Had joined at a very late stage, with the help of Ricky I’m able to gain a solid understanding that gives me more confidence to do well in the exams.
Carina Teoh, St. Aloysius College


I heard R.L Tuition from my cousin and I came to listen for the free trial lesson. After the first hour of the lesson I have decided to join Mr. Ricky’s Class immediately. I found the Maths Method Class extremely useful because of the précised notes. I understand and learn more about the topics and concepts compare to my day school in just one single lesson; Mr. Ricky Liu also loves to help explaining questions that I don’t get. I found myself improvement a lot toward the end of the year! R.L Tuition also provides many different kinds of exam style questions and exam papers; which are very useful.
Stella Luo, Koonung Secondary College


RL Tuition played an essential role in my mathematics studies during my VCE years. It not only introduced me to key topics within the course, but also aided me in clarifying any areas of uncertainty or misunderstanding and provided me with many useful examination techniques. Ricky Liu’s unique approach towards his lessons has been incredibly helpful. He is always willing to individually explain and clarify new concepts and is very approachable, reflecting the friendly ambiance of RL tuition centre. The notes we accumulated in class throughout the year became like a “BIBLE” to me. RL Tuition ignited my passion and enthusiasm for mathematics and will most likely do the same for others. It is undoubtably one of the best tuition centres in Melbourne.
Mandy Guzza, Lowther Hall AGS


Maths was one of the least subject I like and definitely not the subject I can score well. But after I had tuition with Ricky, I realized I started to look forward into studying math and my results dramatically improved. Surely I had my math tuition before that as well, but always, I’ll fall asleep especially when it’s a one-to-one tuition. However, this never happened with Ricky. I supposed it’s due to the unique style of his teaching. What really impressive about him is his great patience, he never get mad or irritated when you repeated the same mistakes or asking the same questions over and over again but each question comes with a  detail explanation. Through that, I’d score well in my VCE and get into the science field at the University of Melbourne as I wanted.
Wei Chi Chin, MLC


She does a great job teaching the content and also provides feedback on SACS and any practice work I do. She teaches in a way which I like to learn, which makes it easier for me to understand content. We were always ahead in content so there were enough time to revisit chapters before SACS.
Jessica Zhan, Williamstown High School


会讲很多有用的做题技巧, 易错题和常考的题等, 对我在学校的学习有许多帮助。虽然我总是偷懒不写作业,但ricky并没有放弃我这个懒癌患者。虽然我总是问一些很智障的基本都懂得问题,但他还是很耐心的和我讲解,谢谢!!课后也有解答我的问题,但有时黑板上写的字我真心看不懂,原谅我的英文不好,上课会比较吃力,希望以后那些没清楚的字能重写一下,感激不尽。
Jennifer, Brunswick Secondary College


虽然ricky 很忙但是每次我问问题都能回复,表示感激~ricky 老师教得也很好很清晰,棒棒哒。
Tina Meng, Korowa Angliacan Girls’School


我觉得ricky 很好, 他很用心教我们,他善解人意,乐于助人,我很喜欢。
Eric Yang, Melbourne High School


Joey Li,Ivanhoe Grammar School


来RL上课不会有排斥感因为老师都很友好而且上课能学到很多对我学习有很大帮助。从4月份到现在每一次上课都很开心。和老师的相处像朋友一样,我的两位老师都很有耐心,很尽职尽责,很幸运能遇到你们!感谢ricky 和bella 对我学业上的帮助!
Alyssa Zhou,Mount Waverley Secondary College


李佳星,Werribee secondary colledge


RL TUTION 的教学经验很丰富,可以教学生们用最简单最快捷的方式解体,并点出易错点和高频出错的题,帮助学生在考试中避免出错


James 是一个富有责任心,耐心的老师,当我不明白一些概念的时候,他会一而再再而三的解释,他是一个对化学抱着热情的老师对学生很有亲和力。
Bella 是一个年轻且富有活力的老师,想象力丰富,会找不同的角度去解释一个concept对教的内容游刃有余。
Jasmie Fai,Methodist Ladies College


Ricky run arigonthmic equations for fun because he is a gvor at maths. He inspires me to work every day. Each morning I feel depressed when I have to go to school and then I remember I will soon see Ricky and it lights up my day. Is it love?
Dr Alex,Paivile Secondary College


Ricky run arigonthmic equations for fun because he is a gvor at maths. He inspires me to work every day. Each morning I feel depressed when I have to go to school and then I remember I will soon see Ricky and it lights up my day. Is it love?
Dr Alex,Paivile Secondary College


I have only done a couple lessons with RL Tution though they are very good. The methods he teach are very good and explains it in a simple and easy to understand way.
Sometimes he speaks really fast and I miss or don’t understand something he says. Sometimes his writing is hard to read.
Zac Khoo,Buckley Park College


Ricky puts effort in every class and he is extremely competent. He knows all the changes in his course and makes me feel secure that everything I’m being taught is useful. 100% recommend to other students.
Tracey Vim,The University Right School


 Came in from online research and friend referral
 Best tutoring experience though VCE
 Ricky knows the content tack to front and always can find knowledge gaps even if I am confident. He has helped me approach questions in different methods and improve my result.

Jason Ly, Caroline Chisholm Catholic College


Ricky is a mathematical genius. He has improved me in both special Maths. And maths method, to level I never thought I was able to achieve. His time management techniques question, helps me to complete past papers questions and school SAC questions at a very quick pass. He is always willing to help me out in between special and method classes, with questions I might have. Even if it does go into his lunch time. Overall he is the best tutor money can buy and I am lucky that I managed to find him online.
Davice Shamsolahi, Parkdale Secondary College


Ricky is very knowledge and his questions help with us work and make us think of what the question is really asking and how to solve them with less arithmetic errors. He works efficiently through the course material at a steady rate which is easy to keep up with and the homework questions broaden our exposure to trickier and difficult questions.
Josh wu, Camberwell Grammar School


Ricky is a funny and great tutor, making specialist maths tutoring at RL a warm learning environment what make his teaching great is his concise and direct approach, providing different paths to answering a question and highlighting what is the most appropriate method and also his humors. During class time he manages make time for many individuals maintaining a fast and productive pace, to ensure that no one is left behind.
He has made luc enjoy the whole spec course but also inspired to maintain focus throughout my VCE year.

Alex Ortega, Pencergu and Essendon Grammar


James has been a great help in helping me understand the theory and calculations better. He goes over the explanation in different ways until I’m able to understand it and always there to give help when we need.
Jennifer Lam, Keilor Downs secondary College


I have enjoyed attending tuition classes at RL centre this year. I feel that I have made great improvements in my ability to comprehend more advanced questions. I deferral have more confident in doing maths, especially when Ricky provides us with “hard questions”. I appreciate Ricky’s contionous effort. Thanks Ricky!!
Lynn Liew, East Doncaster S.C


RL TUITION puts in a lot of effort finding complex and hard examples for the class to work on and furthermore teaching and explaining how to do it in a more effective and efficient way.
Fiona Phan, Mac.Robertsons Girls High School


Having Rickys as my tutor for your 12 specialist maths, helped me improve my skill. I am truly grateful to be you as my tutor.
Kahkenn Liew, Melbourne high school


Tutoring at RL tuition has always been great and Ricky is very passionate in his teaching. I’ve been at his tutor for 3 years and I believe that it has helped me tremendously. The notes are great and saves me time because I don’t need to build a separate around reference.
Sarria wony, Sugarme cory high school


RL is great. I was able to meet new people and talk to people from other school. Through that, I was able to give and receive experiences from other peers. Ricky was able to provide help whenever I needed it and it’s great to know there is someone to rely on when help is needed. RL always gave me the chance to meet up with friends from other schools. It has a comfortable and friendly environment that assisted in me learning.


Ricky Liu is a very good tutor. His sciences has helped me improve sighiticauriy and he’s always willing to help his students. RL tuition staff has been very helpful and he smile always light up my mood. A big huge to Ricky and his staff.
Tracey Coc, st. alloysius


Alicia: very responsive to messages outside of class time which is helpful. Puts in a lot of effort in to class notes & explain questions well.
Vanessa: Gives amazing tips in writing & improving my essays. Also gives some advice when correcting my essays.
Jordan yi, The University High School


Even though from what I know as Alicia’s first year at RL, her tutoring capabilities are very useful. She also has an extensive amount of resources that have become an advantage for the student.
Tai To, Braybrook college


RL tuition has moved me with help in many of my subjects. The teachers are friendly and they care about their student’s education. The notes are very helpful. I’ve enjoyed my tutoring experience here.
Angela Wu, The University High School


R.L Tuition has helped provide me with extensive skills that I am not aware of at school which is very helpful especially when it comes to preparation for the exam. Ricky provides good notes that students are able to bring into the exam and it has dramatically my results and confidence in doing methods work.
Taljana Mu, Taylors Lakes Secondary College


Ricky has helped me in developing the correct method in applying to certain situations. He has in depth knowledge in the current methods study design which he can assist in many tips.
Sean Lim, Susanne


Joshua really goes into depth explaining things in a much more detailed way and always asks it we understand the content. Even though I have only been here for few lessons and already I have learnt so many new things. I really enjoy Joshua’s style of teaching and how he makes the subject enjoyable. Even though we do not communication out of class there is plenty of opportunity to ask question in class time.
Kart Vivoda, Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School


Ricky puts a lot of effort into teaching. I can tell that he really wants us to improve and do well at school.
The way Ricky teach us really resonates with me, easy to understand and follow.
Cindy Luu, Penleigh Grammar School


Ricky puts a lot of effort into teaching. I can tell that he really wants us to improve and do well at school.
The way Ricky teach us really resonates with me, easy to understand and follow.
Cindy Luu, Penleigh Grammar School


James always was helps of material prepared and has many questions that “I can do”. We go through content and theory first and make sure I have an understanding before attempting questions. James is very knowledgeable and lets know what he is teaching about.
Prisicilla Lie, Mac Robertson Girls High School


Very helpful, greatly improves my scores at school. Before Ricky Liu I was a failure, but now after receiving the Ricky Liu treatment I feel lick a raw 50 methods God. 我爱Ricky Liu,他很好!
Zachary Jiang, Melbourne High School


Both tutors have supported me throughout the year, I being extremely knowledgeable, although he at time may need to work on effectively communicating and conveying what he is trying to actually get across, I have found their enthusiastic to be quite functional and supportive in my year 11 extranet, both encoring me to perform well and to drive my passion for academic.
Alexander Ikanovic, Suganne Gory high school


Ricky is an alsodule legenel. The reason why I can so math honestly. Have improved in methods, ever since I joined although there are still certain I am still not good at, I’ll keep resisting. Ricky, thanks a lot boss!
Daniel Pham, St Beshards College


Tutoring experience has been good. Bella is able to help me and give me Tip for questions, especially for hard ones. We go over questions together but also she explains concepts really well until I understand. Bella also prepared me well for the course because she has read examiner reports so she knows what to focus on.
Priscilla Lie, Mac Roberson Girls High School


Before coming to the tuition class, my maths skill was really bad and I couldn’t understand more of the course. Thanks to Ricky’s class I caught up a lot of confident in maths.
Jenny Wang, St Catherine’s School


I have found RL Tuition to be very helpful and beneficial to my studies. The lessons are fast-paced, but cover each topic in detail and give numerous example of particularly challenging questions. The notes are especially helpful when revising or writing up a bound reference. This place was great and I would definitely recommend it!! Thanks Ricky!
Roseman Chen, Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School


Ricky is a very positive and organized guy who always teaches through and Carefully. Over the course of two years, he has improved my maths exponentially, and has always responded to my pleas for help with a happy and constructive attitude. Thank you for teaching me and pitting up with all of my mathematical issues. Ricky you are a great person, to whom I will be extremely grateful (and will also recommend future students to).
An Tran, The University High School


Attending RL Tuition for specialist Mathematics has been a very helpful experience. I understand a lot that I did not know about before. If I still did not understand a concept. He would attempt to explain it in a different way which was very efficient. Thank you!!
Samantha Ma, The Mac, Robertson Girls’ High School


I felt that my tutoring experience was incredibly useful and helped me gain a lot of clamiy in my subject. In a lot of areas that I was uncertain about that I learn it in class. Louise helped me understand the he concepts in a very patient and understanding way despite me sometimes taking a long time to learn. Furthermore, I also felt that she way very helpful in aspect of my subject that I especially expressed conman in. in particular, calculation or various subtopics such as energetics. Overall, this year has helped my studies immensely and my tutoring made a lot of things in class much easier and allowed me to feel much more prepared for my exam later in the year.
Jessie Day, DIC


Ricky given lots of good resources and questions and is always available to answer questions which is really helpful! He has lot of great tips and methods not taught at school which are extremely helpful!
Katherine Moffat, University High School


I am able to receive help on questions I do not understand in class. I am also able to receive extra exam questions to expose myself to a variety of exam style questions and ask for help on those when I need them as well as receiving notes for some topics.
Renee Julian, Lowther Hall


Ricky and James have both put in immense effort into my improvement over the period of 8 months that I have been enrolled as a student in RL Tuition. I am very grateful to have them as my tutor, as they have drastically impacted my mathematical for the letter. However more outside-school help would be very valuable as well.
Daniel Som, Simonds Catholic College


Tutoring made studying and learning easier. With notes that RL Tuition give us and the homework emailed, I get a lot of practice that be retitled my SAC scores and boost my conscience in a different and much more efficient manner as provide me with support and very good practice questions.
Stephanie Ong, East Doncaster secondary college


Ricky is an extremely talented tutor and has helped me quite a lot throughout my journey of VCE. Would definitely recommend to my friends.
Amanda Chao, Suzanne Cory High School


Ricky knows move about maths then humanly. Possible no topic is poorly taught and all of his ideas and information is delivered coherently and understand. Just 5 minutes with him will boost your VCE score.
Armani Jothiravi, Parkdale Secondary college


Loved the questions we got in class, was definitely more challenging than the kind of work we do in school. Ricky keeps the moos light in class so I don’t think anybody has adverse thoughts about coming to RL Tuition every Saturday. Fun, enjoyable, teaching seems to be tending towards more advanced students.
Eric Ma, Melbourne High School



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